Fire Safety Audit

Our fire safety auditors under the stewardship of the managing consultant and Directorate Occupational Safety and Health Services (DOSHS) approved fire safety auditor registration number OSH/FSA 071 Wilson Goko MSc, LLB, AIFireE, Grad IOSH, SIIRSM, MIFPO, SIRM examine premises and the relevant documentation relating to that premises to ascertain how fire safety is managed. Our fire safety auditors are duly approved by the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services (DOSHS) and they carry out fire safety audits in accordance with Rule 36 of The Factories and Other Places of Work (Fire Risk Reduction) Rules 2007. These rules provide that every occupier shall cause a fire safety audit of the work place to be undertaken at least once every twelve months by an approved fire safety auditor.

Fire Safety Audit

An essential element of any fire safety management system is the audit process. The performance of key elements of a fire safety management system should be periodically audited to ensure continual improvement in the management of fire safety. The emphasis is on an organisation to demonstrate that it has fulfilled legal duties as set out in fire safety legislation.

We audit the following areas for evidence of fire safety management:

  • The fire risk assessment
  • Action plans related to significant findings of the fire risk assessment
  • Emergency evacuation plans
  • Means of escape – including horizontal and vertical escape
  • Emergency routes e.g. fire safety signage, emergency lighting
  • Internal and external fire spread
  • Preventative measures e.g. anti-arson measures, fire safety engineering solutions
  • Protective measures e.g. fire detection/fire suppression, fire-resisting walls and floors
  • Review of safety awareness, fire drills and fire safety training requirements.
  • Assessment of fire risks involving hazardous substances i.e. receipt, storage & handling
  • Evidence that the following have been tested by a competent person e.g. fire detection and warning system, emergency lighting, fire-fighting equipment, electrical wiring, portable appliance testing etc.
  • Furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Review of contractor fire safety awareness

In addition we carry out a walk-through visual inspection which includes interviewing key personnel.

We emphasise that it is the fire safety systems,processess and procedures that are the subject of the fire safety audit and not the people in or around the premises.

Fire Risk Assessment

We carry out fire risk assessments where we highlight the consequences of fire on people and clarify what fire safety systems are required and what function they have in relation to the protection of people. We also make clear what management responsibilities are required to maintain and operate the relevant fire safety systems.

The following are some of the factors we consider in assessing fire risk for new and existing buildings:

  • Anticipated likelihood of a fire occurring
  • Anticipated severity and potential spread of fire
  • Ability of the building structure to resist the spread of fire and smoke
  • Consequential danger to people in and around the building
  • Fire prevention facilities
  • The standard of the means of escape
  • Degree of fire containment
  • Measures for fire extinguishment or control
  • Fire fighter facilities
  • Management procedure and processes
  • Occupancy characteristics